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Information Security

Remediate threats on social networks, deep/dark web & external channels

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Protect your brand from fraud, account hacking & reputational harm

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Corporate Security

Detect potential threats to executives, locations & physical assets

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Risk, Fraud and Compliance

Identify fraudulent activity & compliance violations that impact your business

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Small Business Owners

Protect social media accounts & learn how to stay safe online

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Modern Challenges

Social media and digital platforms—such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, deep & dark web, mobile app stores and more—are becoming the #1 business driver and #1 security challenge of modern organizations. Today’s businesses struggle with the scale, trusted nature, and lack of visibility of these platforms, and their vulnerability to risks ranging from account compromise and fraudulent profiles to executive threats and brand reputation damage.

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Intellectual Property
Copyrighted content repurposed
for malicious activity
Brand Impersonation
Brand name used to dupe legitimate customers
Malicious Links
Domain squatting URL & shortened links
lead to phishing pages
Hashtag Hijacking
Marketing hashtag hijacked
to target genuine followers
Fake Promotions
Malicious ads drive to phishing pages,
counterfeit goods or malware

Modern Solutions

Using diverse data sources and intelligent analysis, the ZeroFOX Platform identifies and remediates targeted business, brand and security risks. The patented ZeroFOX SaaS technology processes and protects millions of posts, messages and accounts daily across the social and digital landscape. Security, marketing, risk and fraud professionals use ZeroFOX to stop risks where your organization is most valuable, most visible and most vulnerable.

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“Embracing social media is the way we do business today… unfortunately that also puts you in close contact with lots and lots of adversaries.”

Ron Gula
Co-Founder & Former CEO

“The CMO holds more Marketing tech budget than the CIO. Security is an absolute necessity and should be front of mind for Marketing when they are thinking about any MarTech solutions.”

Jeremy Woods
VP of Product Marketing

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