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Monitoring the dark web gives you access to the underground dark web forums where cybercriminals coordinate attacks, sell compromised data, and share premade attack tools. Preempt adversaries and prevent attacks with complete dark web monitoring that delivers visibility through both human expertise and AI intelligence.

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Why Do You Need Dark Web Monitoring?

Monitoring the dark web is a difficult and expensive task requiring constant monitoring and intelligence collection across the Underground Economy. Additionally, threat actors conceal their covert communications platforms. It takes experts who have infiltrated these deep and dark web communities to monitor channels including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, Telegram, Discord, and IRC. This inside information provides organizations with early detection of credential and other data leakage, contextual analysis of cyberattacks, and actionable alerts.

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Why Do You Need Dark Web Monitoring?

The ZeroFox Advantage for Dark Web Monitoring


    Gain Visibility into the Criminal Underground.

    Criminal organizations, state-sponsored threat actors, and individuals operate freely in rapidly growing and evolving peer-to-peer networks like Tor and Freenet. ZeroFox provides human and artificial intelligence with alerts about relevant threats facing your brand, domains, and people on the dark web.

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    Take Back the Advantage with Equal Access to Criminal Channels.

    Monitor for compromised credentials for sale to the highest bidder, and detect sensitive data leaks with automated alerts. With ZeroFox Dark Web Monitoring, you’ll gain insight into attack planning and chatter to inform defensive efforts.

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    Leverage Dark Web Operatives for Threat Actor Engagement

    Extend the reach of your security resources and engage with the underground community. Integrated into hundreds of dark web communities, we combine open-source and human intelligence to fight back, triage threats and curate intelligence specific to you.

ZeroFox has enabled my team to leverage state of the art technology to defeat malicious actors.


The only unified platform for external cybersecurity

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity
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