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John “JP” Popolizio

“ZeroFox is purpose-built and applies automation, focus, deep analytics, and actionable intel that’s complementary to other intel feeds coming into the cyber SOC and correlates within event management tools.”


Increasing Risks in a Digital-First World

As digital experiences accelerate, digital risks are trending higher than ever. In 2020, ZeroFox saw substantial increases in fraud and scams, phishing attempts, data leakage and credential theft. As threats continue to evolve and intensify, we can no longer stand by and watch. Security teams need the right tools to fight back.

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Public Surface Attack Protection

One Platform.
Comprehensive Protection.

  • Brands
  • Domains
  • Executives
  • Phishing
  • Account Takeover
  • Data Leakage
  • Dark Web

Platform Overview.
Visualize. Analyze. Remediate.


    360° Visibility Across Digital Channels

    Protect every inch of your public attack surface. Whether it’s your domains, email, social media, mobile app stores, or the deep and dark web, ZeroFox safeguards enterprises from digital threats across all publicly available platforms.

    Digital Channels
  • 02 ANALYZE

    Actionable Threat Intelligence

    Enrich traditional security programs with global intelligence uniquely focused on social media and digital vulnerabilities and threats across the surface, deep and dark web. ZeroFox's Alpha Team threat researchers augment your team to tackle the scale and sophistication of external threats and provide investigative reporting and custom analysis.

    Threat Intelligence

    Your Protection, Fully Managed

    ZeroFox's Takedown-as-a-Service™ provides comprehensive remediation capabilities to directly address threats, including hiding, blocking and removing malicious or offending content, removing fake accounts and sites and enforcing service terms.

First Command

The volume of data analyzed by ZeroFox is shocking. And at the end of the day, I only see the alerts that truly matter to First Command.

Before ZeroFox

First Command’s previous tool proved to be ineffective due to simple keyword matching, triggering 30,000 alerts of irrelevant data in a week. False positives resulted in 10 man-hours of work lost per week.

After ZeroFox

ZeroFox worked closely with the team to map their critical assets, discover accounts, prioritize protection, rapidly configure the platform and enter a vast amount of assets. Within a few days, ZeroFox:

  • Identified URLs squatting on First Command's owned domains
  • Stopped fraudulent accounts imitating executives & brands
  • Identified over 500 unique assets that required protection
  • Plummeted volume of alerts while skyrocketing quality over 23 million pieces of content within the year.
First Command Case Study

Quickly Detect Brand and Executive
Data Leaked Online.

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