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We look forward to showing you how ZeroFox leads in domain protection. Here’s what your demo will cover.

  • Domain Monitoring to protect against domain-based attacks.
  • Alerting and human threat Intelligence that decreases mean time to remediation and shrinks the window of opportunity for attacks.
  • Domain remediation and takedown to quickly and decisively dismantle threats.

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Trusted Brands Use ZeroFox Domain Protection

The ability to assist in a takedown of a domain is a huge plus. Monitoring people and brands protects the reputation of our organization and protects its founders.

Onnig Sayadian, Information Security Manager

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Gain Full Visibility and Control Over Your Domains.

Millions of impersonated domains are being created by malicious actors every year. These attacks lead to phishing, compromised credentials, scams, and major damage to a brand’s reputation. ZeroFox offers continuous, AI-powered domain protection to end those threats at scale. ZeroFox leads the way in identifying and taking down domain typosquats, homoglyphs, subdomain spoofs, and more before they reach your customers.

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Gain Full Visibility and Control Over Your Domains.

Domain Protection for Every Use Case

  • iconProtect Customers and Employees
  • iconIncrease Domain Threat Visibility
  • iconDismantle Multi-Channel Phishing Campaigns
  • iconIncrease Operational Efficiency
  • iconTake Down Malicious Domains
  • iconIdentify Typosquatting

Automated Domain Protection From End-to-End


    Continuously Monitor for Malicious Domains

    Continuously monitor and ingest all available top-level domains, subdomains, and URLs and detect threats across hundreds of millions of websites. Monitor and report on parked domains as they become malicious.


    Detect, Analyze, and Alert on Domain Threats

    Quickly fine-tune domain alert rules and define custom policies to meet your organization's targeted protection requirements to cover scenarios such as domain spoofing, typosquatting, homoglyphs, phishing, and newly registered or activated malicious domains.


    Automate the Complex Domain Takedown Process

    Save time and resources on cumbersome takedown processes. Track domain takedown requests and disruption actions from within the platform providing visibility into every action taken in the remediation process.

The volume of data analyzed by ZeroFox is shocking. And at the end of the day, I only see the alerts that truly matter to First Command.

Before ZeroFox

First Command's previous tool was triggering 30,000 irrelevant data alerts a week. These false positives resulted in 10 man-hours of work lost per week.

With ZeroFox

ZeroFox worked closely with the team to map their critical assets, discover accounts, prioritize protection, rapidly configure the platform and enter a vast amount of assets. Within a few days, ZeroFox:

  • Identified URLs squatting on First Command's owned domains
  • Stopped fraudulent accounts imitating executives and brands
  • Identified more than 500 unique assets that required protection
  • Plummeted volume of alerts while skyrocketing quality - more than 23 million pieces of content within the year.
First Command

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity
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