Defend Against Physical Threats

Keep employees, customers, and property safer with rapid, high-fidelity alerts and 24/7 visibility over location-based threats and disruptive global events

With the ZeroFox Physical Security Solution, organizations can:

  • Be alerted to physical security events specific to your boundary of responsibility, location of interest, or travel destination
  • Receive rapid, global incident alerts pertaining to public safety events, disruptions, and observations
  • Get started fast with out-of-the-box Physical Security policies and rules that can be easily configured to your requirements
  • Obtain timely situational awareness with alert notifications via email, SMS and/or the mobile devices of your choice

Physical Security Solution in Action

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Immediate risk alerting for your critical locations

  • See location-based threats

    Your website is often the first interaction a customer will have with your brand. Protect that engagement, those customers and your domains with ZeroFox.

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity
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