Stop Social Media Impersonations

Extend visibility on social networks to find fake accounts and gain situational awareness

With ZeroFox’s Impersonation Protection, you can:

  • Extend visibility across global and regional social platforms for valuable situational awareness into brand-related chatter
  • Gain early warning of account takeovers or attack planning to protect your brand, executives and customers
  • Take down fake accounts impersonating your brand and people

See the ZeroFox Platform in Action

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Protect your digital assets, disrupt digital risks

  • Get actionable alerts

    Threat actors rely on social media to create fake profiles and engage with your customers online. Because of its reach, social networks offer an audience and a forum to plan and execute attacks.

    Your website is often the first interaction a customer will have with your brand. Protect that engagement, those customers, and your domains with ZeroFox.

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity
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