Retail Industry Digital Threat Report

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With the surge of online shopping and e-commerce, digitalization has transformed the way retailers grow business and engage with consumers. This engagement often involves the exchange of money and information, usually including credit card numbers, home addresses and other PII, or personally identifiable information. With the growth in online retail markets, cybercriminals are looking to capitalize on the customer loyalty retailers have built and maximize their potential returns. Through malicious domains, counterfeit goods, coupon/gift card scams and impersonations on social media, bad actors engage directly with unwary consumers in a way that they previously could not. Retailers need to be aware of these threats in order to protect their hard-earned revenue and brand reputation as well as safeguard customers that are often the ultimate victims of these attacks.

This report provides a comprehensive review of the digital threat landscape facing the retail industry, with a focus on the top tactics cybercriminals used to plan and execute attacks on retailers and their consumers. You’ll find insights into how common digital attack tactics are being used against the retail sector and recommendations for how retailers can protect themselves and their consumers from these threats.

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