2024 Key Forecasts Report

Intelligence-driven cybersecurity trends, priorities, and recommendations for 2024.

In this report, you’ll find insights on:

  • Updates to ransomware and digital extortion threats
  • The growth of malicious and defensive applications for AI
  • The sectors facing the greatest cyber-physical threats
  • How multiple key elections will drive threat actor campaigns

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Combining an unmatched depth and breadth of intelligence experience and resources, ZeroFox Intelligence assesses the current threat landscape to determine the new, emerging, and evolving threats that security teams can use to plan for 2024 and beyond, including: 

  • Ransomware & Digital Extortion 
  • Initial Access Brokers 
  • Social Engineering
  • Threats from Artificial Intelligence 
  • Convergence Between Cyber and Physical
  • Threats to Elections 
  • Zero-Day Exploits 

Additionally, get a look-back on 2023 for how threats evolved over the year and how they’re influencing 2024 predictions. 

Download the report for the full debrief on 2024 cybersecurity trends.

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