6 Steps For Protecting Your Company’s Domain Name

What you can do today to strengthen your domain security

Key Takeaways

  • The fundamental steps to properly register your domain
  • How to add limited access and authentication for your domain, servers, and email
  • Why continuous domain monitoring is critical for any business
  • Tips and resources to help you along the way

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A name is your brand – it becomes synonymous with your work, credibility, and reputation. Your domain is the online entryway to your business. Without properly securing it, organizations risk unauthorized access from threat actors who will use your brand to scam would-be customers.

Protecting your domain requires a comprehensive, multifaceted strategy. It should address each component: name registration, access controls, encryption, and DNS security. In this whitepaper, we share six simple steps you can take to protect your domain.

6 Steps For Protecting Your Company’s Domain Name
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