A Buyer’s Guide for Digital Risk Protection

Six criteria all organizations should consider when selecting a DRP platform to protect your digital footprint.

A Digital Risk Protection (DRP) program can protect organizations from cyber, brand, and physical threats. By monitoring social media and the surface, deep and dark webs, IT security and fraud prevention teams can detect evidence of active attacks, successful data breaches and social media account takeovers, and planned campaigns by cybercriminals, hacktivists, state-sponsored hackers. 

An effective DRP program enables an organization to respond quickly to digital threats by taking down fraudulent websites, ads, and social media accounts, notifying review sites and online forums about false and misleading postings, and alerting online marketplaces and app stores to counterfeit merchandise and fake mobile apps. 

Download the guide to better understand: 

  • Types of platforms a DRP platform should monitor
  • How to Identify what should be monitored 
  • The importance of remediation and takedown options
  • Platform capabilities for AI-based tools and threat intelligence

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