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Anatomy and Trends of the Evolved Phishing Ecosystem

In this report, we’ll review:

  • Phishing supply chains that represent a comprehensive ecosystem
  • Identification of phishing and cyber puppeteer kits
  • Evolved lure distribution mechanisms and new tactics to evade detection
  • Trends targeting retail and financial services
  • Developments to sell victim data as complete data package profiles

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Behind many typical phishing campaigns is a supply chain designed to facilitate these attacks and return a profit for those perpetrating them. Across dark web marketplaces and covert channels that allow for anonymous or encrypted communication, buyers and sellers trade source code, victim data, access to services and tools disguised as legitimate services, and specialist equipment to scale phishing attacks beyond an individual threat actor's capability.

New and emerging tactics, techniques and procedures ensure phishing remains a consistent threat to enterprises. As these attacks persist, phishing ecosystems provide context on successful operations and ways threat actors leverage stolen data from attacks. In this report, ZeroFox Threat Research details the anatomy and trends of the evolved phishing ecosystem, provides an overview of current threats as well as key recommendations and tools for disrupting them.

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