Brand Protection Trend Report

Protecting your brand means protecting your bottom line. In this intelligence report, you’ll find:

  • Major threat types targeting brands, including a quarter-over-quarter spike in domain and executive impersonations
  • Analysis of threat actor behavior that exploits the trust brands have built with their customers
  • A forward look at the changing brand protection threat landscape next quarter and beyond
  • Recommendations to help companies better protect their brand online, from monitoring suspicious domain registrations to using AI-driven analytics

Download the report

An organization’s brand is the key to its success. Exploiting the trust between brands and customers can cause significant damage to brand reputation and customer loyalty. More and more, threat actors are hijacking already-established brands to more easily deceive victims in various fraud, scam, and otherwise malicious campaigns. How an organization responds to those threats matters, as consumers often blame the company when they fall victim to a campaign using its brand. 

Download our Brand Protection Trend Report to understand the current brand protection threat landscape and proactively address potential issues and threats to your brand.

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