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A Buyer’s Guide for Domain Protection

Protecting your domain is a crucial part of protecting your brand online. Here’s how to find the right domain protection vendor (even if it’s not us).

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Criteria for evaluating brand protection vendors
  • The domain protection ecosystem
  • How to neutralize phishing campaigns
  • And more!

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Bad actors want to exploit your customers, and they’ll use your own branding against you. In fact, there’s been a 40% Increase in alerts for malicious or fraudulent domains; 600% increase in domain security alerts, and 750% increase in phishing attacks since July 2020.

So how do you protect your brand, and customers, online?

Domain protection platforms safeguard organizations while working to take down malicious domains that exploit your customers.

The challenge is finding the solution that is right for your business.

To help you evaluate domain protection platforms, download the ZeroFox Buyer’s Guide to Domain Protection. This guide includes suggested criteria you can use to select the platform that best protects your customers and employees from sophisticated phishing attacks and exploitation.

A Buyer’s Guide for Domain Protection
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