Dark Web Actors Promoting Maritime Data

Read the report from ZeroFox Intelligence to find out:

  • What kind of real-time maritime data has been leaked
  • Why the sale of the maritime data is likely politically motivated
  • Details of the threat actors and the actions they've taken so far
  • A ZeroFox Intelligence Analyst's expert analysis, including how the situation may evolve

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ZeroFox Intelligence identified instances in which threat actors are selling data that provides real-time information on maritime vessels. With little monetary value for a buyer or seller, politically motivated actors may forgo profit to achieve idealogical aims, and there will likely be continued convergence between geopolitical issues and cybersecurity threats. Houthi attacks targeting commercial vessels transiting the Red Sea have resulted in significant political gains for the group and have caused major disruptions to global supply chains. There are other important shipping lanes across the globe, and threat actors may view obtaining similar datasets as helpful to achieving their political aims or harming their political adversaries.

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Dark Web Actors Promoting Maritime Data
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