Data Loss Prevention in the Social Media World


  • Detailed synopsis of how data exfiltration can be carried out through social media
  • 2 year analysis of hundreds of millions of social media posts demonstrating proliferation of PII disclosure
  • Timeline of major data exfiltrating events performed using social media over the past 7 years
  • Screenshots of social media data loss examples and how they can be prevented, detected and remediated
  • Recommendations to modernize security best practices for individuals and organizations

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The rise of social media has ushered in an era of rapid and widespread access to information, but these conveniences come with new potential liabilities when it comes to data loss prevention. More specifically, digital communication is as easy as it’s ever been for malicious actors, opening up the door to a host of new methods to exfiltrate data outside the confines of the modern organization’s security perimeter. The diverse and continuously evolving nature of social information streams severely complicates an effective response to these emerging threats.

Social media has changed the game when it comes to data loss prevention, both in terms of its ease of exposure and its sheer vastness, making it far more difficult to detect. This is further complicated by emerging and ever-changing social attack surfaces, such as malware and phishing that occur outside of corporate network defenses. In this report, ZeroFox Research details the many social media data loss prevention risks and challenges, and outlines a multi-layered approach that security teams can adopt to detect and prevent this data loss to compliment their perimeter protections.

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