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External Cybersecurity is your first line of defense

Threat activity originates beyond your corporate perimeter. Why wait until an adversary reaches your endpoint to defend your assets?

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External cybersecurity makes protection beyond the perimeter possible.

Companies and cybercriminals operate in the same shared, democratized “gray” space. Here, threat actors have equal access to online shoppers, social media users, and web surfers – your customers and followers. And because the gray space has been disproportionately overlooked when compared to traditional internal and edge security controls, cybercriminals have adopted profitable threat tactics that can damage your brand and business without ever crossing your perimeter.

Traditional security protections have a role in a holistic cybersecurity program, but they aren’t enough. External cybersecurity exposes and disrupts attackers before they can cause significant damage. It allows you to look beyond the perimeter; keep your eyes on the horizon and protect your organization, your employees, and your customers sooner.

Security shouldn’t stunt innovation. It should strengthen it.

External Cybersecurity is your first line of defense
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