Financial Services Digital Threat Report | 2019

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For financial services (FinServ) institutions, digital engagement means business. Financial customers expect to digitally engage with financial organizations through online portals, social media support, and mobile apps. FinServ institutions are adopting these platforms to compete for customers and maintain high levels of satisfaction. However, financial organizations are not the only ones that recognize the value of digital platforms. As FinServ organizations continue to engage with customers digitally, they must equip themselves to handle both the sophistication and scale of threats they will encounter on these platforms. Through impersonation and fraud, attackers gain access to financial customers, their information and their money, leveraging the trust and brand financial institutions have worked so hard to build online.

This report provides a comprehensive review of the digital threat landscape facing the financial services industry, with a focus on the top tactics cybercriminals used to plan and execute attacks on financial institutions and their customers. You’ll find insights into how common digital attack tactics are being used against the financial services sector and recommendations for how FinServ organizations can protect themselves from these threats.

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