Latin American Elections Assessment

Understand the latest findings and threats to current elections in Latin America

In this assessment, you’ll learn:

  • Key threats to Latin American elections
  • Important findings on the impacts of geopolitical players and threat actors
  • The broader geopolitical context, including politics and cybersecurity
  • and more

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Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela all have elections in October 2023. ZeroFox’s Geopolitical Working Group has been tracking elections across the region. Argentina’s are arguably the most consequential, wherein the leading candidate is promising to upend the political and economic status quo. The signature campaign issue of Javier Milei is dollarizing the economy and widespread austerity. The harsh economic austerity pushed by Milei will upend decades of state support for Argentina’s poor and middle class to negate the decades of inflation tied to the weak Argentine currency. Critics doubt that changing the currency to U.S. dollars (a policy instituted with limited success in Zimbabwe, El Salvador, and Ecuador) will fix the economy, but it will very likely lead to social unrest if state support for key economic sectors, as well as for utilities like electricity and public transportation, is removed.

Cybersecurity and electoral integrity are key issues for the region where internet accessibility has grown the most in the world, while commitment to internet security has been the weakest. This means disinformation campaigns, which have been a feature of regional elections for years, will continue. In Argentina, where there are three credible presidential candidates, there is an added incentive to use disinformation to gain an advantage. In Venezuela, President Maduro is eager to avoid having a strong challenger and is already utilizing his control of the media and communications system to nip promising adversaries in the bud.

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