Understanding External Cybersecurity in the US Public Sector

Shifting Mindsets, Teams, and Tools to Address Today’s Threats Outside the Perimeter

Download the External Cybersecurity Guide and learn how US Public Sector Agencies can:

  • Develop a strong External Cybersecurity strategy
  • Effectively address the risks outside the agency perimeter
  • Leverage external threat intelligence in their CTI strategy
  • Deploy a breach response strategy for their agency

Download the report

Every federal agency must continue to invest in digital innovation to stay ahead of the world’s reliance on technology. From websites, social media, marketplaces, and mobile applications to the metaverse and other web3 technologies, there is an increasing number of digital assets outside the agency perimeter and out of the control for agency security.

Traditional security protections have a role in a holistic cybersecurity program, but they aren’t enough. External cybersecurity exposes and disrupts attackers before they can cause significant damage. It allows you to look beyond the agency perimeter; keep your eyes on the horizon and protect individual privacy, agency mission, and national security.

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