Ransomware Landscape Report

December 2021

In this report, you'll find key research on:

  • New ransomware families that have emerged between May and October 2021
  • Continued operations by known ransomware families
  • A selection of popular cybercriminal networks and forums that introduced bans on ransomware-related discussion and affiliate group advertisements
  • Governmental regulation response to key ransomware attacks

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Throughout 2021, the ZeroFox Threat Intelligence team has observed the changing ransomware landscape with new, current, and evolved threats. As new threats emerged, current threats persisted or evolved to include novel capabilities and techniques.

The fight against ransomware escalated as world leaders enacted legislation responding to ransomware attacks and sanctions on cryptocurrency exchanges used to pay ransom demands.

This ransomware landscape report aims to provide an overview of the changing ransomware tactics and techniques as well as spotlight prominent ransomware actors.

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