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Rising Ransom: Ransomware and Malware Trends

In this report, we’ll review:

  • Ransomware and malware threat trends
  • Positive signs following disruption and ways ransomware operators are pivoting
  • ZeroFox Threat Research predictions and recommendations

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The cyber threat landscape has drastically evolved from increased ransomware attacks, severe security vulnerabilities and legislation addressing cyber attacks. In the past, ransomware extortion activity was viewed as just another form of cybercrime that only affected the target for the most part. Now cybercriminals target both individuals and organizations. Additionally, ransomware attacks have moved to impact entire communities as critical resources are put at risk. 

While increased takedowns and law enforcement intervention have led to positive signs ransomware operators feel the pressure, ransomware groups are mercilessly opportunistic and the battle to disrupt ransomware has only just begun. In this report, ZeroFox Threat Research provides an overview of the related trends and activities that impacted the global threat landscape in the first half of 2021.

Rising Ransom: Ransomware and Malware Trends
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