The Social Media Privacy Guide

social media privacy guide

Users and businesses ought to appreciate the scale of the risk that social media poses and take action to help secure online identities. Afterall, the potential consequences are serious: users accounts can be hijacked to spread malicious links or spam to friends and followers, fraudulent connections can lead to debilitating social engineering attacks, and private information can accidentally be shared publicly where it lives on the internet forever.

The following social media privacy guide constitutes a series of steps that should be taken to bolster the privacy settings of your accounts on the core social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. For each social network in this guide, we will cover the basics of online safety pertaining to each platform – followed by a deeper dive into the nuances of each network’s privacy settings.

  • Harden your account’s privacy settings to ensure they aren’t compromised
  • In-depth walk through with simple steps and pictures
  • Best practices for engaging and posting safely
  • Tips and tricks to identify malicious actors on social media
  • Recommendations for employee social media usage and privacy

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