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A Buyer’s Guide for Threat Intelligence

Say You’re Building an Intelligence Program – Here’s where to start.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Shifting your security program from reactive to proactive
  • Navigating the threat intelligence market
  • 4 key criteria when evaluating intelligence providers

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You lead security for your organization. A serious cyberattack has dominated the news cycle for the last month. Your company’s executives and board members are now asking each other – and you – about threat intelligence. Do we have the information needed to adequately address cyber risks? Where do we get our cyber threat intelligence? Is it current? Is it enough? Does it help protect us both in and outside of our perimeter?

Whether starting from scratch or maturing an existing threat intelligence program, building on the right TI foundation is critical. And because intelligence isn’t a one-size-fits-all program, there is a lot to consider.

It’s time to get to work.

A Buyer’s Guide for Threat Intelligence
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