Flash Report: UK Confirms Chinese State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

Read ZeroFox Intelligence’s latest flash report for a full overview of the Chinese State-sponsored cyber attacks confirmed by the UK government, including:

  • The two cyber attacks against UK political entities attributed to Chinese State-sponsored actors.
  • The US's announcement of the indictment against seven alleged Chinese hackers associated with APT31.
  • The likelihood of illicitly-obtained personal information of UK citizens being leveraged to influence the results of UK general elections.
  • A brief overview of China's broader strategic initiatives.

Download the report

ZeroFox Intelligence reports on the public warning from the UK government about a growing threat from Chinese State-sponsored entities targeting and undermining the country’s democratic processes. The announcement comes in advance of upcoming UK local elections in 2024 and a general election set to take place in 2024 or early 2025. The United States has also unsealed an indictment against seven individuals associated with the Chinese Government for malicious activity against United States-based entities.

Download the report for details.

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