Why InfoSec Needs to Care About Social Media

White Paper Highlights

  • Strategies to remediate traditional information security risks launched on social media
  • How to leverage social media as an OSINT threat intelligence repository
  • Working with marketing to secure corporate accounts like any other high-value asset
  • Using security techniques to remediate business risks such as piracy, counterfeit goods, and ad dilution due to social botnets
  • Outline of security’s responsibilities in remediating each type of risk
  • ZeroFox recommendations for operational framework around mitigating social media risks across the organization

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With the rise of social media, the lines between infosec, marketing, finance, and other departments have been blurred. As with websites, marketing owns optimization and content creation, and security must surround it with layers of protections. For the modern organization, social media accounts are the new high-value assets in this framework. Several questions arise: how should departments work cross-functionally to address problems? Which issues impact different departments? Who owns the initiative of identifying and remediating social media risks?

At the end of the day, infosec teams must collaborate with marketing, finance, risk management, and fraud to address these new challenges across the organization. Learn where responsibilities overlap and how security must lead the charge in combatting social media risk.

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