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Digital Risk Protection


The process of protecting social media and digital channels from security threats and business risks such as social engineering, external fraud, data loss, insider threat and reputation-based attacks.

What is digital risk?

Digital risks can take many forms. Most fundamentally, what makes a risk digital? A digital risk is any risk that plays out in one form or another online, outside of an organization’s IT infrastructure and beyond the security perimeter. This can be a cyber risk, like a phishing link or ransomware via LinkedIn, but can also include traditional risks with a digital component, such as credit card money flipping scams on Instagram.

The Forrester Wave: Digital Risk Protection, Q3 2018, named ZeroFOX a Leader. According to the report, “ZeroFOX leads the pack in social media protection and digital risk analytics. Its coverage of social channels and intelligence stands out because of its ability to protect individual social accounts and analyze unique behavioral risk indicators.”
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Digital risks exist on social media and web channels, outside most organization's line of visibility. Organizations struggle to monitor these external, unregulated channels for risks targeting their business, their employees or their customers.

Categories of risk include cyber (insider threat, phishing, malware, data loss), revenue (customer scams, piracy, counterfeit goods) brand (impersonations, slander), and physical (physical threats, natural disasters).

Due to the explosive growth of digital risks, organizations need a flexible, automated approach that can monitor digital channels for organization-specific risks, trigger alerts and remediate malicious posts, profiles, content or apps.

social media is global

Digital Risks Can Be Broken Down Into Three Categories:

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Customer targeted scams
Counterfeit goods
Fake coupons and promos

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Brand or executive
Slander and abuse
Copyright infringement
Compliance violations

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Threats againset people
Threats against infrastructure
Insider threats

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Phishing Links
Leaked sensitive information
Cyber attack planning
Situational awareness

Social Media Leads Digital Risks

Digital risks can be found anywhere online, but again and again social media proves to be the true breeding ground and delivery mechanism for risks. Social implies any digital interaction among real people, and for a risk to exists, there needs to be a person experiencing or affected by that risk. This can be an individual or group of individuals like a corporation or organization.

For this reason, social media is a veritable petri dish of risks, and malicious actors take to social media in droves. Social media creates a frictionless, anonymous platform for risk actors and heavily stacks the cards against organizations attempting to protect themselves.

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