Let’s Make Phishing History

ZeroFox is the founding partner with Google Cloud in an initiative to end phishing attacks at scale. Together, we will disrupt phishing attacks and malicious URLs across 5 billion devices worldwide.


Phishing attacks and malicious websites – you’ve been warned.

Over the last year, phishing attacks have nearly doubled and the problem continues to escalate. ZeroFox and Google Cloud have teamed up to stop phishing and malicious websites, integrating ZeroFox’s best-in-class detection with Google Cloud’s Web Risk service global coverage. This partnership empowers ZeroFox customers to rapidly identify and block phishing campaigns in as little as 15 minutes across 5 billion devices.

Unmatched disruption across 5 billion devices.

No other partnership delivers the web browsing safety and security of ZeroFox + Google Cloud Web Risk. Only ZeroFox offers industry-leading threat intelligence capabilities to accurately detect instances of phishing, fraud and takedown services to do something about those threats. Combined with the scope and scale of Web Risk, users on five billion devices worldwide now have greater protection from malicious domains.

Jenn Buchanan, Product Manager at Google Cloud
Jenn Buchanan, Product Manager at Google Cloud

Securing cloud environments and devices from cyber threats is critical. We are happy to partner with ZeroFox to protect against malicious digital activity and make the internet a safer place.