InfoSec Guide: Addressing the Rise in Phishing and Financial Fraud

Phishing and Financial Fraud Report Header

The financial services industry continues to be impacted by both the benefits and the risks of digital transformation. FinServ institutions must acknowledge that in this world of digital business, cyberattackers now have equal access to consumers. Public platforms like social media, websites, mobile apps and support portals provide new vectors on which to host attacks and, unsurprisingly, attackers are utilizing new methods for phishing and financial fraud to take full advantage. 

This report analyzes three of the top emerging and persistent digital attack tactics facing the financial services industry based on data from ZeroFOX’s own FinServ customer ecosystem over the course of 12 months, including phishing and financial fraud, scams and fraudulent mobile apps. It includes 5 steps security teams can take to effectively address these evolving threats. Download the full report to learn more.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why threat activity in Financial Services grew 48% YoY
  • How phishing kit operators run scams 
  • The importance of mobile app security in the digital age
  • 5 steps security practitioners can take to address emerging threats

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