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Phishing and Fraud Threat Report

From money-flipping scams, fraudulent mobile apps, and targeted phishing campaigns, learn the top digital threats facing the financial services industry.

New platforms bring new risks

Nowhere is the digital revolution more apparent than in financial services. Today, financial institutions rely on social and digital platforms to promote product offerings, recruit customers, provide services, and engage in customer support activities. Financial customers expect to digitally engage with financial organizations through online portals, social media support, and mobile apps. In this new public attack surface, financial services organizations must realize that their customers operate in a contested environment and that cybercriminals are the same 'distance' to customers as the financial institutions themselves.


Remove fraud and scams

Most scams sound too good to be true. Even so, people do fall for them, perhaps out of desperation or hope that the scam may be legitimate. Ultimately, financial institutions are the ones who absorb the cost of fraud. In addition to the actual financial cost of stolen account funds, there is the added real cost related to retrieval efforts, credit remediation and protection costs. ZeroFOX identifies fraud and scams across public platforms and works on your behalf to remove offending posts before they reach your customers.

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