Universal Takedowns

Remove threats fast and at scale from social media, mobile app stores, and fake domains – with automated takedown requests and in-house disruption experts.


What are takedowns?

Takedowns are the formal process of removing sites, profiles and content that violate a network provider’s terms of service. Takedowns are often considered a security organization’s most effective weapon against external attacks. ZeroFox combines efficient platform automation with the expertise of disruption analysts to process, pursue, and remove malicious, violating, and infringing content such as social media impersonations, phishing domains, rogue mobile app store listings, PII on data broker websites, and more.

Why takedowns matter

As adversaries continue to evolve and scale attacks outside the perimeter, security teams must respond with enhanced takedowns. ZeroFox manages takedowns fully in-house with expansive breadth of coverage, expertise, and success across 100+ networks. Offering automated request processing and complete visibility and transparency every step of the way, ZeroFox provides the comprehensiveness, speed, and scale to fight back against today’s sophisticated adversaries, which is why Forrester named ZeroFox best-in-class for takedowns.

Why the world’s best brands trust ZeroFox for takedowns


Successful Takedowns Executed Daily

< Hours

Average Takedown Submission Time


For Impersonation Takedowns

How ZeroFox rapidly takes down threats at scale
With ZeroFox, you’ll have access to every type of takedown to protect your brands, domains, and people outside your perimeter across 100+ networks. Our 100% in-house team executes nearly 700K successful takedowns per month, from the most common use cases to the most complex. So you can easily and proactively take swift action to minimize your digital risk.

Supports all use cases

  • Impersonating social media accounts
  • Fraudulent mobile apps and marketplace listings
  • Infringing content
  • And more

Responds rapidly

  • Automated, proactive blocking actions
  • Distribution of threat intel to common security black lists
  • Removal of attacker infrastructure

Ends the threat

  • Verification of requests submitted in minutes
  • Total dashboard visibility over the entire takedown process
  • Transparent reporting, tracking, and status updates

Social Media Takedowns

Detect and remove brand, executive, and customer threats

Quickly identify and take down social media threats such as impersonating accounts, fraud, scams, infringing content, harassment, and more that put your brands, executives, and customers at risk.

Stop the Proliferation of Phishing

Monitor and remove accounts that post phishing URLs to disrupt wide-scale attack campaigns and keep customers safe.

Gain wide depth and breadth of network coverage

Automate requests and pursue takedowns of violating content across the most widely used global social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook/Meta, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

Domain Takedowns

Comprehensive takedown use cases

Social Media
Brand Impersonations & Misuse of IP
  • Accounts/pages that misappropriate protected brand names
  • Misappropriating brand logos/Images
Executive/VIP Impersonations
  • Accounts/pages that use impersonating names and pictures relating to an executive/VIP
  • No clear disclosure that it’s not a fan or parody account/page
Counterfeiting & Piracy
  • Accounts/posts sharing images, names, or calls to action for unauthorized sale of counterfeit goods
  • Accounts/posts illegally hosting or distributing copyrighted digital content
Fraud & Scams
  • Accounts/posts targeting employees and/or customers with fraudulent information or calls to action with the intent to defraud, deceive or cause harm to users
  • Examples include: money flipping, fake coupons, etc.
Violence, Harassment Misinformation
  • Accounts/posts with targeted abuse or threats of harm toward an individual, brand, or public figure
Web Domains
Phishing Domains
  • Live, hosting malicious content
  • Impersonating domain or subdomain of a legitimate name
  • Using branded content (ie. logos, website code, etc.)
  • Often includes form or call to action
Phishing Email Addresses
  • Email addresses used to send phishing emails
  • May be private domain or public ISP
IP Infringement
  • Live, hosting content that abuses IP or copyrighted material
  • Impersonating protected domain name/ branded content

Why timely takedowns are your most important weapon.


increase in unique phishing websites detected in the last year.

$ B

in global revenue generated annually from cybercrimes on social media.


of breaches against businesses involved a human element, like error and social engineering.

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