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Year after year, the industry ranks ZeroFox as the #1 solution for protecting against external threats. Find out why.

Industry Recognition

Customers agree. ZeroFox continues to set the standard.

“ZeroFox is head and shoulders above the competition”

-Director, Global Cyber Defense

Brand protection has always been a challenge. Zerfox has made it simple.

Brand Protection

Secure Your Brand

Quickly uncover and tackle brand impersonation, ensuring trust and reputation stay intact.

Brand Protection

Protect Against Takeovers, Fakes, & Scams

Secure accounts, detect imposters, and shield customers from deceptive tactics.

Brand Protection

Promptly Address External Threats

Rapidly respond to and mitigate evolving external cybersecurity challenges.

It would be a huge challenge to identify credential leaks on the dark web without ZeroFox.

Dark Web Monitoring

Safeguard Against Data Leakages and Breaches

Minimize risk and protect against costly security incidents.

Dark Web Monitoring

Identify Stolen Credentials

Detects and alerts on stolen credentials, preventing unauthorized access and account breaches.

Dark Web Monitoring

Respond Before Compromised Assets can Be Weaponized

Prevent threat actors from using breached assets against your business.

ZeroFox matured our organization’s cybersecurity and threat intelligence posture.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Detect Threats Faster

Act on threats before they become data breaches from real-time alerts delivered via live threat intelligence feeds.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Reinforce your Security Team

Empower your teams with enhanced intelligence and insights.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Anticipate Future Attacks

Dedicated deep and dark web operatives help you spot attacker techniques to predict and combat their next moves.

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