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Get Started with ZeroFox EASM

See & Secure External Assets

Whether you’re looking for External Attack Surface Management (EASM) resources or actively evaluating vendors, get started here. ZeroFox helps you see and secure every asset, correlate exposures to known vulnerabilities and discover shadow IT.

What is External Attack Surface Management (EASM)?

Forrester’s recently released definition of EASM is: “A tool or capability that scans for, discovers, and enumerates unknown internet-facing assets, establishes the unique fingerprints of discovered assets, and identifies various exposures.” In simpler terms, EASM displays your entire digital footprint, including all that you know and likely a great deal of infrastructure you did not know about.

Why do I need External Attack Surface Management?

Digital transformation, hybrid work, and complex software supply chains have all led to an unprecedented expansion of unknown and unmanaged assets, systems, and exposures across the external attack surface. EASM proactively removes threat actors’ targets of opportunity through full-spectrum discovery and enumeration of internet-facing assets, continuous correlation and analysis of exposures, and actionable alerting and reporting to rapidly prioritize mitigation and remediation decisions.

Why ZeroFox for External Attack Surface Management?

ZeroFox has been in the business of protecting external assets for over a decade, and our product team is led by several EASM visionaries. ZeroFox EASM complements ZeroFox’s industry-leading digital risk protection capabilities to deliver total visibility and control across the entire external attack surface.

EASM 101 Resources

External Attack Surface Management 101

Resources to help you get started with External Attack Surface Management (EASM).

Defining EASM

There are many definitions for EASM, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are a few resources to get you started.

Where EASM Fits Into the Broader Organization

More analysts are viewing EASM as a component of a broader external cybersecurity or exposure management strategy. Learn where EASM fits into your broader org.

Why EASM Now

Prioritizing your security spend this year? EASM is a hot-button issue for many security leaders - learn why.

Open Source EASM Tools

Free EASM Tools, Created by ZeroFox Engineers

ZeroFox contributes to the Amass Project, the leading open-source attack surface management platform.

What is Amass?

The Amass Project was founded in 2017 by Jeff Foley, ZeroFox’s VP of Research, to serve as an open-source tool for security practitioners getting started with EASM. It’s not a substitute for an enterprise solution, but a first foray into EASM at the practitioner level.

How to Use Amass

The Amass Project includes a collection engine for asset discovery, an asset database for storage of findings, and the Open Asset Model (contributed by ZeroFox), used by various tools to help understand attack surfaces.

Open-Source vs Enterprise EASM Solutions

Trying to decide between an open-source or enterprise EASM product? Here’s what our EASM experts think.

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