Dark Web Threat Intelligence

What is Dark Web Threat Intelligence? Dark Web Threat Intelligence leverages data collection from the deep and dark web to help organizations...

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Data Breach

What is a data breach? A data breach is a security incident in which a threat actor gains access to a company’s...

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Deep and Dark Web

The deep and dark web make up 95% of the internet - understand the threats on these domains to effectively protect your...
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Definitive Guide to Brand Protection

What is Brand Protection? Across every industry, organizations rely on digital channels to drive brand awareness, promote their products and services, engage...

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Digital Risk Management

What is Digital Risk Management? Digital risk management is the process of understanding and mitigating risks that emerge from digital transformation, the...

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Digital Risk Protection (DRP)

What is Digital Risk Protection? Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is cybersecurity protection for an organization’s vulnerable digital assets against threats that originate...

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Domain Monitoring

What is Domain Monitoring? Digital threat actors are increasingly targeting public and private sector organizations, along with their executives, employees, vendor partners,...

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Domain Protection

What is Domain Protection? Organizations of all sizes use websites to drive brand engagement, share information and resources, promote product and service...

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Domain Spoofing

What is Domain Spoofing? Domain spoofing is a tactic used by cyber threat actors to fool their victims into responding to a...

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What is Doxxing? Doxxing is the act of compiling and publicly releasing Personal Identifying Information (PII) about an individual, group, or organization...

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Security Operations Center (SOC)

What Is a Security Operations Center? A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a team of IT security professionals within an enterprise whose...

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What is Smishing? Smishing is a form of cyber attack that involves sending fraudulent text messages to manipulate the recipient into revealing...

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Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering? Social engineering – the art of hacking human beings – is an age-old threat. But the meteoric rise...

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Social Engineering Attack

What is Social Engineering? Some cybercriminals are experts at discovering and exploiting technical vulnerabilities in applications and networks, skills they use to...

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Social Media Monitoring

What is Social Media Monitoring? As organizations expand their presence on social media, digital adversaries are increasingly leveraging social media to execute...

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Social Media Risk

The "social media attack surface" introduces new social media risk like phishing, malware, social engineering, fraud, and impersonations....
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Spear Phishing Attack

What is a Spear Phishing Attack? A spear-phishing attack is a form of email scam that targets a specific individual, business, or...

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Spoof Email Address

What is a Spoof Email Address? A spoof email address is a “fake” email address that resembles the genuine email address of...

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Supply Chain Intelligence

What is Supply Chain Intelligence? Supply chain intelligence is a type of threat intelligence that focuses on identifying, detecting, and countering digital...

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The Definitive Guide to Breach Intelligence

What is Breach Intelligence? Breach intelligence is a type of threat intelligence that helps enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to indicators of...

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Third Party Intelligence

What is Third Party Intelligence? Third party intelligence is a threat intelligence service that provides you with alerts and insights into digital...

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Third Party Risk Intelligence

What is Third Party Risk Intelligence? Third party risk intelligence is a threat intelligence service that provides you with real-time insight into...

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Threat Intelligence

What is Threat Intelligence? Threat intelligence, also called Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is information about existing or emerging cyber threats and digital...

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Threat Intelligence Feeds

What are Threat Intelligence Feeds? Threat intelligence feeds are data streams containing the latest information, research, and reports on emerging cyber threats....

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Threat Intelligence Platform

The deep and dark web make up 95% of the internet - understand the threats on these domains to effectively protect your...
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Threat Intelligence Software

What is Threat Intelligence Software? Threat intelligence software is a software application that provides enterprise cybersecurity teams with information on emerging threats,...

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Threat Intelligence Tools

What are Threat Intelligence Tools? Threat intelligence tools are the modeling frameworks, intelligence feeds, databases, utilities, and software platforms used by cybersecurity...

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication (2FA), a type of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an Identity and Access Management security procedure where...

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