The ZeroFox

With a global data collection engine, artificial intelligence-based analysis and automated remediation, the ZeroFox Platform protects your critical digital assets and data from digital threats at the scale and speed of the internet.


Visibility. Analysis. Disruption.

One Platform. Comprehensive Protection.

Protect every inch of your public attack surface. Whether it's your domains, email, social media, mobile app stores or the deep and dark web, ZeroFox safeguards enterprises from digital threats across all publicly available platforms.

Outsmart threats at every turn. Using diverse data sources, powerful AI, and a team of expert threat hunters, ZeroFox automatically identifies targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data theft, impersonations, brand hijacking and whatever else the web throws at you.

Stop public attacks in their tracks. ZeroFox instantly alerts security teams and authorities at the first sign of attack and automatically takes swift actions ranging from taking down malicious content, to dismantling attacker infrastructure.

ZeroFox Capabilities

  • Advanced AI-Driven Analysis

    ZeroFox's advanced AI engine incorporates machine learning systems, natural language processing, and computer vision to power text, object, image and video analysis to uncover the most obfuscated threats.

    Advanced AI-Driven Analysis
  • Full-Spectrum Threat Intelligence & Expertise

    Enrich traditional security programs with global intelligence uniquely focused on social media and digital vulnerabilities and threats across the surface, deep and dark web. ZeroFOX's team of threat researchers and dark web operatives augment your team to tackle the scale and sophistication of external threats and provide investigative reporting and help you to navigate the criminal underground.

    Advanced AI-Driven Analysis
  • Integrated Threat Hunting

    Deeply investigate relationships between various attack and threat indicators and directly access ZeroFox's unique threat intelligence data lakes consisting of petabytes of curated intelligence and raw threat data on malicious domains & hosts, command & control networks, vulnerabilities and compromised data, attacker tools and more. Submit RFI's from directly within the platform.

    Research and Investigate:

    • Malicious C2 Domains
    • Phishing URLs
    • Data Breaches
    • Credit Card Breaches
    • Malware
    • Vulnerabilities
    Advanced AI-Driven Analysis
  • Accessible From Anywhere

    ZeroFox's mobile app provides the powerful protection of the ZeroFox platform at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need it.

    Accessible From Anywhere
  • Fully Integrated App Library

    Connect your enterprise with ZeroFox to enable integrated threat intelligence. Access 700+ data source, disruption and technology apps, extensible REST APIs and pre-built connectors for the tools you’ve already deployed. See our full App Library. Visit App Library.

    Integrate With Anything
  • Adversary Disruption & Unlimited Takedowns

    ZeroFox provides comprehensive takedown services to directly address threats, including hiding, blocking and removing malicious or offending content, removing fake accounts and sites and enforcing service terms. ZeroFox goes further to block attackers by disabling their infrastructure in partnership with our Global Disruption Network

    Your Protection, Fully Managed

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