One platform.
End-to-end protection.

Welcome to comprehensive external visiblity and protection for your most critical business assets.

Deliver seamless coverage for your critical assets

ZeroFox provides unified management, easy customization, and robust security for all your external digital risks.

Gain full visibility of emerging threats

Our platform sifts through millions of sources across the surface, deep, and dark web, leveraging AI and experts for timely alerts and full-spectrum threat intelligence services.

Respond and recover, rapidly and thoroughly

When incidents occur, ZeroFox's expert team is ready to identify, contain, and take down active threats, restore business operations, and ensure swift customer support.

Expose & disrupt cyber-threats at the source

The ZeroFox platform is an always-on, comprehensive external threat intelligence, protection, and response solution that provides organizations with complete visibility and protection across the surface, deep, and dark web.

ZeroFox Protection
  • External Attack Surface Management
  • Domain & Brand Protection
  • Dark Web & Data Leakage Monitoring
  • Social Media, Mobile Apps, Credit Cards
  • Impersonations, Phishing, & Fraud
  • Executive, Identity, & Privacy Protection
ZeroFox Intelligence
  • Intelligence Search, Feeds, & Fire Hoses
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Dark Web Operations
  • Physical Security Intelligence
  • Finished Intelligence Reporting
  • Dedicated Analysts
ZeroFox Disruption
  • Domain Takedowns
  • Social Inline Remediation & Takedowns
  • PII Removal from Data Brokers
  • Automated Blocking Actions
  • Global Disruption Network
ZeroFox Response
  • Breach Coach Reporting
  • Breach Notification Services
  • Data Breach Call Center
  • Impacted Population Protection
  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response
ZeroFox On-Demand Services
External Assessments | Threat Hunting & Investigations | Threat Actor Engagement | UDRP & Remediation | Incident Readiness | Ransomware Recovery
ZeroFox AIGlobal Intelligence | Collection & Analysis
OnWatch 24x7 Managed External Detection & Response
Indicators of Attack & Compromise
OEM & Data Services
  • Firehoses (Ex. Dark Web, Social Media)
  • Feeds (Identity & Fraud, Network & Vulernability, Dark Web)
  • API Capabilities (Takedowns, Image Matching)
App Library & Integrations
Vulnerability & Risk
Endpoint & Network

Here's why ZeroFox is the leading external cybersecurity platform

Assets protected


Content sources collected

Alerts triaged

Disruptive actions/week

ZeroFox Protection

Protect domains, brands, and people.

  • Automatically discovers internet-facing assets across your digital footprint, including domains, subdomains, IP addresses, software, security certificates, services, and more.
  • Continuously correlates exposures to assets by risk level, exposure type, and other attributes.
  • Uncovers unknown or forgotten assets linked to your domains and IP ranges to discover, monitor, protect, and improve resilience across the enterprise attack surface.
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ZeroFox Intelligence

Gain actionable insights with Intelligence.

  • Extends your team with a fully managed 24/7 global SOC to review, validate, and escalate priority alerts.
  • Provides easy access to global finished intelligence and flash reports.
  • Gain easy access to request additonal expert help for investigations, assessments, or special reports.
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ZeroFox Disruption

Take down immediate threats and neutralize attack campaigns.

  • Provides a comprehensive managed takedown service that removes offending content across social networks, mobile app stores, domains, and others with automated request submission.
  • Automatically submits attack indicators via API and email to global disruption partners to block malicious content and minimize threat exposure.
  • Provides inline post moderation capabilities to better manage officially owned company accounts and pages.
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ZeroFox Response

Respond rapidly to threats and restore your organization.

  • Delivers impacted customers with timely and compliant digital or physical notifications.
  • Leverages our live, US-based call center to help bring breach victims peace of mind.
  • Deploys our configurable enrollment site with tailored information and protection services.
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