Do better than bolster
your digital risk protection.

Choose the proven, time-tested platform that sets the standard for digital risk protection – including phishing and fraud detection at scale across all major networks.

Why do customers choose ZeroFox over Bolster?

Because our solution and ongoing innovation are at the forefront of digital risk protection. They’re still trying to catch up.


ZeroFox was recognized as “best in class for brand intelligence and takedowns” in the "2021 Forrester Wave: External Threat Intelligence.” Bolster didn’t even qualify.


ZeroFox has over 750 employees globally, including hundreds of intelligence analysts. We have more analysts than Bolster’s entire employee base.

ZeroFox performs 800,000 disruption actions per week through our Global Disruption Network. Bolster simply submits blocklist requests.

Securing brands, domains, people, and assets since 2013.

ZeroFox is the time-tested, proven leader in digital risk protection for a decade. 

By offering complete security solutions for all your external assets – from digital properties to executives to physical locations – ZeroFox provides unrivaled protection beyond your perimeter.

Only ZeroFox unifies all the technologies you need to expose, disrupt, and respond to threats from the outside-in.

Securing brands, domains, people, and assets since 2013.

Protection powered by the best of both AI and human intelligence

The ZeroFox Platform is an always-on, full-spectrum external threat intelligence, protection, and response solution that combines the power and speed of AI with unmatched human intelligence.

ZeroFox operates three global 24x7x365 SOCs, with hundreds of fully embedded, dedicated analysts and native support for 19+ languages. And our solution is SOC 2 Type 2 Certified.

These services are included with the ZeroFox solution, not locked behind premium support tiers. So you get instant visibility and complete protection across the surface, deep and dark web.

Protection powered by the best of both AI and human intelligence

267% Return on Investment

A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study concluded that customers can see a 267% return on investment (ROI) using ZeroFox Digital Risk Protection.

Decreased risk of executive impersonation
Executive impersonations cost up to $44K per threat. ZeroFox greatly reduces the risk of impersonation and executes takedowns of suspicious content before it becomes a liability. 

Reduced cost of fraud takedowns
With ZeroFox, organizations can increase their ability to identify spoofed domains, fake mobile apps, or false social media accounts – and resolve them fast. Automated remediation saves hundreds of thousands in the labor costs over manual takedowns.

267% Return on Investment

ZeroFox checks all the boxes for truly unified protection, intelligence, disruption, and response - and scales as you need it.

  • Comprehensive external protection for brands, domains, and executives
  • Industry-leading customer support
  • Visibility into all major, niche, and international social media networks
  • Nearly 150 integrations with the tools you already use
  • Scans of 30M+ web domains daily
  • Threat discovery across 100K+ mobile app stores, marketplaces, blogs, forums, & job sites
  • Unique access into 175+ deep and dark web communities to foresee malicious activity


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