Introducing the ZeroFox Corporate and Executive Protection Offering

Hate it or love it, social media is here to stay. Some businesses have taken to social in droves; some have been more skeptical. Some executives have found a new digital soapbox, bigger and better than ever in the history of communication — often to the chagrin of their risk management and security teams.

To learn more about the the offering, download the datasheet or check out the ZeroFox Platform.

What’s certain is that organizations, executives and employees give away more information in the social media age than ever before, putting executives and corporate assets at substantial risk, both physical and cyber. Executives expose their travel plans, post non-compliant or inflammatory posts, receive violent threats and fall victim to cyber attacks. Suppliers, customers or fans take selfies and geotag themselves at your confidential locations like data centers or filming locations for movies. Corporate assets like brand promotions, physical locations or events are prime targets as well, having their associated hashtags hijacked or becoming the target of physical threats.

A few real examples of what we’re talking about:

The obvious question arises: how do security and risk teams protect their corporate assets and executives when they have no visibility or controls over social media?

To help the modern organization tackle these issues, ZeroFox is introducing a comprehensive social media protection offering for all your most critical assets. The cloud-based ZeroFox Platform interacts directly with the social network APIs to collect data — including LinkedIn, Facebook, Pastebin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others — to identify malicious, risky or threatening content, both cyber and physical. ZeroFox’s partnership with the social networks ensures rich access to data, mutual respect for Terms of Service and expedited takedowns for malicious content. Leveraging machine learning algorithms and FoxScripts, a fully customizable scripting language, the ZeroFox Platform continuously analyzes millions of pieces of content around physical threats, leaked data or PII, violence, compliance violations and malicious chatter.

Social media is a huge boon for modern organizations, but only when leveraged safely. Without visibility, security and risk teams cannot protect their executive and corporate assets. The fallout can be disastrous. How are you incorporating social media into your corporate and executive protection game plan?

To learn more about the the offering, download the datasheet or check out the ZeroFox Platform. Learn more about digital risk monitoring and find out why ZeroFox was named a Leader and Top-Ranked in Strategy by downloading the Forrester Digital Risk Monitoring 2016, Q3 Wave report.