Top 5 of 2019: Check out the top blogs from the last year

With the new year beginning, at ZeroFox we’ve been reflecting on all that’s happened in the last year. 2019 was a big year for ZeroFox, digital transformation and growing digital risk. Looking through the top webinars, news articles and blogs from the last year reflects that sentiment. The types of attacks and where they occur continue to evolve as the digital threat landscape continues to expand. Throughout the year, we focused blog posts on these evolving and emerging threats – from deepfakes to the dark web.

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Sales or Scams? Don’t Fall for These Black Friday “Deals” 

Between November 1 and November 20, 2019, ZeroFox identified 61,305 potential scams across 26 brands selected for this report. When broken out among these brands, we observed that the vast majority of these scams targeted customers of brick and mortar retail stores. Smaller percentages of targeted electronics brands and online marketplaces. Only small fractions of a percent targeted luxury brands and jewelry brands. See the full threat breakdown in the blog.

Can You Find the Fake? 

There is no denying that fake accounts run rampant on social media and digital platforms. Between October 2017 and September 2018, Facebook alone removed almost 2.8 billion illegitimate accounts worldwide. By some estimates, this accounts for between 25-35% of all Facebook accounts. Can you distinguish between a fake and real account? Try your hand at our Find the Fake quiz.

Detecting and Defending Against Deepfakes

With a political election on the horizon in the United States and elections just now wrapping up across Europe, people flock to social media and online forums to show support, debate and find out more about specific candidates. And for good reason. Social networks can be great tools for real-time news and alerts in a syndicated, concise format. But with the speed and virality at which content is posted and shared on social sites, it is difficult for the average user to decipher legitimate news from misinformation, which unfortunately has become inevitable on these platforms. Learn how to identify a deepfake and the steps that can be taken to defend against this new attack medium.

Evolving Landscape and Emerging Threats on the Dark Web

When you think of the dark web, you might envision a masked man selling stolen identities from their basement, the dramatic intertwining of underground hacker groups and state actors’ plots to destroy companies and/or society as seen in Mr. Robot (highly recommend), or a great place to buy cheap prescription drugs. Perhaps you’ve seen a cliche picture of an ominous-looking iceberg.  Basically, you’ve heard of some pretty bad stuff out there. Understand the dark web landscape and threats to your business and executives in this blog.

Profiling Team Snatch: Cybercriminal Group Publishes Five New Breaches

In this article, we detail the recent activities of Team Snatch, a cybercriminal group first associated with ransomware operations who now partake in more general data theft and exposure beyond simply leveraging ransomware threats. This group previously achieved notoriety in late April 2019 with their publication of data stolen from CityComp, a German IT services company.

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