Information on Content Removal

Information on Content Removal

As discussed in our customer agreements (here and here), if included in purchased support services and requested by one of our customers, ZeroFox will initiate a “takedown request” with a social network or other online service provider on the customer’s behalf.  As the name suggests, a takedown request is a request that an online provider remove, or “take down,” material that violates applicable law, infringes intellectual property rights or otherwise violates the provider’s terms, rules or policies.  For example, Twitter provides details on how to report violations of its terms and rules here.

Although ZeroFox will initiate a takedown request on behalf of a customer, the social network or other online provider assesses the request against its own terms, rules and policies and decides whether to act on, or reject, the request.  In other words, the third-party provider controls whether the material is removed.

If you believe that material you or your organization posted should not have been removed in response to a takedown request, you may ask the third-party provider to restore it.  ZeroFox does not have the ability to restore removed material; that decision remains with the provider.

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