Intelligence Search

Accelerate investigations with access to comprehensive, unique external threat intelligence

Intelligence Search

What is the Intelligence Search Module?

The Intelligence Search module provides a gateway into a vast array of continuously updated threat intelligence, including unique insights with analyst-curated context, ratings, and recommended actions. Exclusive data sets and enriched intelligence deliver relevant and actionable information collected from surface, Deep, and Dark Web sources, including covert dark operative HUMINT. Finished intelligence reports such as timely analyst advisories support better security decision-making.

Why is Fast Access to Actionable Intelligence Critical?

As nearly every aspect of business and everyday life becomes increasingly digital, opportunities for threat actors to exploit and infiltrate expands exponentially. While threat alerts are essential for awareness of ongoing attacks, they don’t paint a full picture, leaving organizations unsure how to respond. By having access to comprehensive threat intelligence, organizations can add depth and context to these attacks, enabling them to stay ahead of attackers.

More data. More insights. More confidence.


threat data points dating back over 20 years


posts collected per month from Deep and Dark Web sources


fully searchable finished intelligence products

Effortlessly surface intelligence to stay ahead of attackers

Faster Investigations

Easily search and export threat indicators and get on-demand access to finished intelligence to speed up investigations

Broad Visibility

Search all corners of the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web from the safety of the ZeroFox platform, including access to vast logs of compromised credentials and IPs that are part of known Botnets

Trusted Experts On-Demand

Easily request assistance from our team of threat intelligence experts with a secure communications channel right inside the ZeroFox platform.

Quickly search, filter, and share pertinent insights from petabytes of unique threat intelligence data

Rapid Investigations To Keep Defenders Steps Ahead

Scott Smith, Director of Information Technology, Royal Farms

ZeroFox gives us critical visibility into channels that were previously blind spots for us. The intelligence gained from the ZeroFox Platform helps us prevent the loss of revenue to bad actors online and ultimately protect our customers from scams.

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