Overview of the Metaverse

Key concepts, trends, and emerging risks associated with these evolving technologies and converging virtual environments

In this report, you’ll find insights on:

  • The Metaverse concept
  • Details regarding Metaverse’s key concepts
  • Current players and trends
  • Emerging examples of cybersecurity risks
  • Associated regulatory and legal considerations

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In the last year there has been a sharp increase in the overall awareness of the Metaverse and digital assets. Facebook’s decision to rebrand itself as Meta in October 2021 is an example of a broad tech shift occurring towards the Metaverse and has significantly influenced the heightened media focus surrounding the topic. The term “Metaverse” describes the concept of converging human social experiences with multiple technologies and a network of immersive 3D virtual environments. Broadly speaking, this is anticipated to result in a scenario in which people seamlessly work, play, and experience most of their day-to-day activities virtually through a mixture of devices. It is worth noting that at present, this version of the Metaverse does not yet exist.

Traditional security threats—both cyber and physical—are also likely to be accompanied by fresh challenges in the Metaverse, which will almost certainly present an unprecedented attack surface.

Overview of the Metaverse
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