Ransomware in Focus

New Research on CISO Perceptions, Perspectives and Plans for Weathering the Storm

In this report, you'll learn:

  • Why ransomware is the #1 threat CISOs face
  • How organizations are responding to ransomware attacks
  • The defensive journey to mitigate attacks
  • The changing landscape to ransomware insurance

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Ransomware is the #1 threat CISOs face, and as it continues to make headlines, it has elevated cybersecurity to a seat at the big table. This increased visibility has allowed CISOs to pursue the level of defenses they need to effectively defend against threats. But the lack of precedent in addressing ransomware attacks has led to many questions surrounding how to respond and protect against them.

The study conducted by AimPoint Group assesses over 250 senior-level executives ransomware experiences, concerns, and priorities for protecting their organizations going forward. This report presents what was learned from impact and response to current and planned mitigation efforts.  

Ransomware in Focus
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