Tackle Account Takeovers

Protect your corporate social media accounts from becoming today's compromised IT asset - and tomorrow's headlines

Keep corporate accounts in your hands

Gaining and engaging followers on public channels is critical to building brand awareness, servicing customers and marketing products. Adversaries look to target unsuspecting social admins and bypass corporate security controls, disrupt operations and land your brand in the headlines. Protect your corporate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts the same way you safeguard your website with ZeroFOX's account locking technology - never worry about your social media security again.


Social Media Account Protection

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Lock Down Accounts and Regain Access

Lock accounts based on indicators of compromise and quickly regain access to compromised social profiles

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Automatically delete content and posts

Protect against compliance violations, offensive content or even customers accidentally sharing sensitive information with automated content moderation

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Safeguard brand integrity

Don't end up as tomorrow's headline, ensure your corporate IT assets remain in your control

Protect Brand Accounts and Executive Profiles

See how ZeroFOX protects profiles and accounts against hijacking.

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Public Attack Surface

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