Ripped From The Headlines:

How Recent Events Are Escalating Information Warfare and Threatening Agency Security

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Meet the Speakers

Gregory J. Touhill

Director of the CERT Division of the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute

A.J. Nash

Vice President of Intelligence at ZeroFox

Brian Kime

Moderator, VP of Intelligence Strategy and Advisory at ZeroFox

What You'll Learn

This discussion will highlight several recent instances where misinformation, disinformation, fraud or impersonation have played a role in threatening the security of government operations and the trust of its citizens. It will include a look into the future of information warfare and how the volume of information -- and increased agility used to share that information -- threatens to wreak havoc on agency security teams if not addressed at scale.

Key Takeaways
  • How adversaries are using information warfare to weaken both Civilian and DoD agency security

  • What information warfare means in a post pandemic world and how agencies can meet the challenges of ever-changing tactics

  • What agencies are doing to manage the volume of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • How combating threats outside an agency’s network fits into the government’s Zero Trust mandate
  • The evolving role of OSINT in our national security strategy and what it will take to combat cybercrime attempting to exploit political and international events in the future