Introducing the ZeroFox Enterprise Mobile App

In the age of social media sharing, digital threats are not limited to standard business operating hours. Security and marketing teams alike need real-time situational awareness of risks to their events, executives, brand reputation and corporate assets presented online. From account hacking attempts, impersonations of key executives and VIPs, to targeted attacks, social media and digital platforms serve as key battlegrounds for bad actors looking to harm your business at all hours of the day. The ZeroFox Enterprise Mobile App now offers exactly that.

We recently released the ZeroFox mobile app based on direct conversations with our customers and a deep understanding of their use cases. We know that threats to your organization are not confined within four walls or a 9-5 shift, and we believe that your security solutions shouldn’t be either. We work with security professionals onsite at events concerned with targeted attacks first planned and posted on social media. We work with marketing teams in the field at corporate events worried about the ability to quickly respond to a slanderous post or hacked account. We work with organizations like yours that exist in a world that is inherently digital.

With the ZeroFox Mobile App, you’ll get:

Protection that goes where you go

Mobility is the name of the game, plain and simple. The new mobile app provides the protection and power of ZeroFox in the palm of your hand. No laptop bags or mouse pads needed. If a critical alert is generated over the weekend or in the middle of the night, you can review it and take action immediately, rather than waiting until you’re in the office the next morning. This is particularly critical for corporate security teams onsite at events, traveling with key executives or during off-duty hours. You’ll receive the digital risk protection ZeroFox is known for wherever you are. Plus, if you’re going to be on your phone anyway, you might as well use it for something valuable, right?

Visibility and situational awareness

mobile app inbox

One of the pain points we hear most frequently in the market is the lack of visibility into chatter and threats on digital platforms that traditional security tools don’t reach. ZeroFox was designed to identify and remediate these previously unreachable threats. Now, through the mobile app, you’ll have the critical visibility into risks to your brand and business quickly, directly from your phone.

With an Inbox view, you can quickly review alerts across a range of rules and use cases to understand your threat landscape and address critical alerts faster. The ability to not only review but take action on threats from your mobile device leads to even stronger situational awareness of the risks facing your locations, people and assets.

Automated, actionable alerts

mobile app notification
mobile app alert

The ZeroFox app delivers detailed alerts directly to your phone. Easily set up push notifications so you are notified immediately of a critical risk. ZeroFox customers now have a new method for viewing relevant and timely risks to their business, people, events and assets. From within the app, users can access alerts and take action to remediate potential threats. Each alert contains details around the offending content, attacker, risk rating and use case. Easily review each alert and take action where necessary including hiding/blocking/deleting offensive content and reporting offending profiles for takedown.

The ZeroFox Mobile App, available now!

mobile app login

The ZeroFox Mobile App is now available for free in the Google Play and Apple Store for all current ZeroFox customers. Simply download the app and log in with your usual ZeroFox credentials to get started.

Not yet a ZeroFox customer? The Mobile App is just one of many features designed to help the modern security and marketing professional address digital risks to your brand, locations, people and assets. To learn more about the app and the ZeroFox Platform, talk to an expert.