Brand Protection Software

Industry-leading, comprehensive brand protection software to fortify your business and your customers against frauds, fakes, and online attackers

Brand Protection Software

What is Brand Protection?

Brand protection is a mission-critical step to safeguarding your organization from third-party imposters whose attacks damage your online reputation, your hard-earned digital presence, and your cross-platform engagement. Brand-related scams can damage your customers directly, too. In today’s Digital Age, organizations are not only expected to secure customer data, assets, and information – customers also expect protection from the fraudulent actions digital imposters take.

Why is Brand Protection important to your business?

In a recent study, nearly two-thirds of customers hold targeted organizations responsible for any digital crimes linked to their brand. ZeroFox’s Brand Protection software secures your organization against account takeover, fake accounts, spoofed domains, and scams targeting customers in which attackers exploit brand logos, messaging, and product photos to scam customers.

Why ZeroFox for Brand Protection?


brands protected across FinServ, Retail and more


brand alerts generated monthly


In Brand Threat Intelligence recognized by Forrester

Key benefits of Brand Protection

Holistic Brand Coverage

Holistic Brand Coverage Extend security to your organization’s digital presence: where customers engage, brands are built, products are bought, and business is won or lost

Customer Protection at Scale

Customer Protection at Scale Safeguard your brand reputation by ensuring that every customer is engaging with authentic accounts and advertisements regardless of channel with a trusted, global platform

Automation and Efficient Capabilities

Automated and Efficient Capabilities Decrease time to resolution (MTTR) with AI-based analysis, automated content takedowns, and easy-to-use policies

Key features of Brand Protection

The ZeroFox Advantage

For Brand Protection

How it Works
  1. 01
    Collects global intelligence across the surface, deep and dark web to identify brand mentions, trademarks and logo use
  2. 02
    Analyzes and processes millions of data points through machine learning, computer vision and logo detection tools to identify potential brand abuse
  3. 03
    Alerts you to targeted threats, including social media impersonations, trademark infringement, offensive content and logo misuse
  4. 04
    Automates the takedown process to swiftly report and remove brand threats before they reach customers
  5. 05
    Safeguards brand reputation and customer engagement online
For Brand Protection

Why ZeroFox for Brand Protection?


increase in account takeover attacks over the last two years


increase in impersonation attacks on social media in Winter 2022 alone


increase in profits from social media impersonation scams over the last year

AI, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, GKV
AI, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, GKV

ZeroFox gives us the tools to protect our brands’ reputations while we concentrate on growing brand reach & interaction. We look forward to growing our partnership with ZeroFox as we explore new digital avenues for our clients, knowing that someone has our clients’ backs.

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