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ZeroFOX Brand Protection

Protect your business from revenue-damaging threats to your brand, your hard-earned social presence and your engaged customers across all social media & digital platforms. Brand protection secures your organization against critical issues like brand impersonation accounts and scams targeting customers, in which attackers exploit brand logos, messaging and product photos to defraud customers. ZeroFOX Brand Protection is ideal for brand managers, marketing teams and security teams addressing external threats to their reputation, online brand, and customer engagement.

Stop reputation damage and account takeovers

Brand reputation is built online - through social media engagement, web advertising and promotion. When the accounts and sites used to grow that engagement are hacked or impersonated, it can be instantly devastating. ZeroFOX alerts you to and removes posts, accounts and sites that could harm your brand and takes action on your behalf so you can get back to your day job.

Protect Your Digital Brand Investments

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Protect Brand Investment

Provide powerful protection for your brand where it matters most; where customers engage, brand is built, products are bought and business is won or lost

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Maximize Customer Engagement

Maximize your returns by safeguarding brand reputation and ensuring every customer is engaging with authentic accounts and advertisements.

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Focus on Promotion

Minimize time spent finding and cleaning up costly brand risks using artificial intelligence-based analysis, automated content takedowns and easy-to-use policies

ZeroFOX Brand Protection

See how ZeroFOX can protect your brand reputation and assets against trademark infringement, impersonations, account takeovers and offensive content.

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