Introducing ZeroFox Location Mapping

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Corporate security in the age of social media sharing requires increased situational awareness.  CorpSec teams should proactively identify and protect against risks and threats to VIPs, executives, employees and locations originating online. Corporate assets such as office buildings, distribution warehouses, and event venues are often targeted for theft or disruption; plans and early chatter about those attacks are often first displayed on social media. Historically, Corporate Security teams have not had visibility into online chatter about threats.  Monitoring social channels for early threat indicators provides such warning.

In order to solve this problem, we’ve just released brand new location mapping functionality to help customers pinpoint exact physical locations that require protection. With geo-fencing technology and advanced analysis, ZeroFox’s location protection solution identifies threats across all social channels, providing critical visibility and situational awareness. ZeroFox enables Corporate Security teams to secure office buildings, facilities, events, and other corporate assets and protect executives, suppliers, customers, employees and fans from physical risks expressed on social media and digital channels. ZeroFox provides critical visibility into all threats – physical and otherwise – originating in social media and across the web as well as remediation capabilities to take action against those threats.

Physical security meets digital protection

Traditional corporate security professionals may be unfamiliar with the risks that social media and digital platforms present. But with the rise in the use of these platforms and the overall shift in culture in this digital age, digital threats can no longer be ignored. Physical security must now incorporate an element of digital risk protection in addition to traditional protection mechanisms.

ZeroFox Location Mapping

We’ve made it easier to protect the safety of your physical locations, from offices to events to private residences. With ZeroFox, users can precisely configure multiple locations that reflect offices, planned meetings or events – these become monitored entities that ZeroFox alerts on regarding any nefarious or risky social activity.  

Within the ZeroFox Platform, easily add corporate headquarters, events, and other important locations.

With ZeroFox Location Mapping, Corporate Security personnel have an actionable ‘early warning’ system regarding threats to corporate assets, planned events, or traveling executives and their families.  Using ZeroFox’s advanced analysis, threats are identified in real-time enabling corporate security teams to be as prepared as possible, providing true visibility into dynamic social data for situational awareness.

Customize policies based on your use cases

The ZeroFox Platform is customizable so you can set unique rules and policies for each of your locations, based on the needs of that location. With rules that help identify threats of physical violence and theft, you’ll receive alerts for any possible sign of a physical attack posted on social and digital channels.

Custom rules, called FoxScripts, can also be created for more unique use cases. These rules ensure your locations are protected against digital threats of physical violence and otherwise while distilling potential noise that other platforms often generate.

See it in action

Want to see a first glimpse of ZeroFox for Corporate Security? We created a quick, 2 minute demo video to show you these features and more. If you’d like to learn more about how ZeroFox can help your corporate security team protect your locations, people and assets, talk to an expert.

See ZeroFox in action