ZeroFOX for Corporate Security Teams

Protection across
the public attack surface

The Corporate security challenge

The adoption of social and digital channels has created a new type of threat landscape that Corporate Security teams must address: the public attack surface. Physical threats are posted on social media, attacks are planned on dark web forums, and executives are targeted with phishing, account takeover and impersonations. Traditional security tools are not equipped to handle this new era of threats, leaving Corporate Security teams to identify new protection solutions.

Protect executives

Executives, VIPs, and high-value targets are particularly susceptible to digital attacks. Attackers leverage executive and celebrity reputation and influence through social media impersonations, account takeovers and business email compromise attacks to trick unsuspecting victims into divulging sensitive information and performing tasks. ZeroFOX's artificial intelligence-driven platform enables you to protect your executives and VIPs by rapidly identifying and remediating cyber and physical risks across your organization's publicly accessible attack surface.

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Protect locations and events

The public attack surface created by the expansion of social and digital channels have offered new opportunities for attackers to post physical threats and attack plans online. Protecting headquarters, remote offices, operating facilities and events across this public attack surface requires increased situational awareness. Historically, Corporate Security teams have not had visibility into online chatter about these threats, preventing them from taking critical, timely action. Monitoring social channels for threat indicators can provide early warning.

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Protection Outside the Firewall

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Gain real-world situational awareness

Immediately identify relevant real-world content, whether posted by an executive or a cyber or physical attacker, anywhere in the world

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Take action on and offsite

The ZeroFOX Mobile App enables real-time protection wherever you are - at the office or at an event

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Integrated IoCs

Export unique complete indicator data sets including social media indicators and IoCs into your TIP, Firewalls, and SIEMs

Protect Your Public Attack Surface

See how ZeroFOX can protect your organization, executives and locations against a new era of threats across public platforms.

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