ZeroFox to Attend Global Events in the Fall

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The year may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the ZeroFox team is slowing down. ZeroFox team members around the world will be attending a few exciting events in the coming weeks. This week, Gabe Goldhirsh, Vice President of MEA/APAC Sales for ZeroFox, took a few minutes to chat about the upcoming initiatives and events happening throughout October and November in Dubai, Melbourne, Singapore, and Riyadh. 

Where will the ZeroFox global team be in October and November? 

We’re thrilled to be invited to attend the following events:

  • GITEX – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – October 10-14, 2022: At this event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn all about brand protection and digital risk protection for their enterprises. Our team of experts will be standing by to help security teams create a solid strategy around these core use cases. 
The ZeroFox team at GITEX in Dubai.
  • AISA Australian Cyber Conference 2022 – Melbourne, Australia – October 11-13: Attendees of CyberCon are invited to learn all about external cybersecurity from our team of experts (and will be able to get some limited edition ZeroFox SWAG, too!). 
ZeroFox booth# 213 at CyberCon in Melbourne.
  • GovWare – Singapore – October 18-20: If you’re visiting Govware in Singapore, make sure to stop by our booth to learn everything you need to know about external cybersecurity from our team. 
  • Black Hat MEA – Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – November 13-17: This event is one of our favorites and we plan to talk with attendees about all things brand and digital risk protection, as well as strategies to achieve SAMA and NCA compliance. 

Challenges for global security teams

ZeroFox is attending these events because we see businesses in these regions facing daily attacks. Whether it is because their current cybersecurity solutions are inadequate and fail to detect various threats, or simply because their current solution can’t remove and disrupt attacks beyond the firewall, they know it’s time to go from a reactive to proactive security strategy. And they know that they need a cybersecurity solution that can detect and disrupt attackers at the source. 

Specifically, in the Middle East, we can see that businesses can benefit greatly from brand protection. Companies in the region need to secure their reputations and eliminate fraud in their digital presence. That’s where ZeroFox comes in. We execute over 60K takedowns per month for our customers, effectively protecting brands from impersonation attacks and other forms of brand fraud. 

In the APAC region, we recognize the growing need for external cybersecurity to protect customer assets across a growing attack surface. ZeroFox has seen that need and is growing in the region to better serve customers. Our work at events in this region will give us the chance to really show people how we can help them address their pain points and keep them safe outside of their traditional corporate perimeter. 

What it comes down to is that ZeroFox doesn’t only give businesses an unprecedented level of visibility of what’s transacting across the open, deep, and dark web against their company, products, and executives. We also disrupt the attacker networks, removing spurious websites, social media pages, and fake mobile apps. In the global community where threat actors are evolving their tactics daily and able to hide behind dark web forums and VPNs, businesses need a company with a global disruption network and the ability to address a variety of takedowns. We also provide insight into the deep and dark web, including dark web forums where our Dark Ops team has gained access. This creates insight into breach chatter and gives you the proactive ability to stop an attack before it starts. We know that at our upcoming events, we can showcase these offerings to help customers formulate strong security strategies. 

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The events listed in this post aren’t the only ones where you can find our team. The ZeroFox team will be attending events around the globe. To find out where you can meet a member of the ZeroFox team or one of our partners in person, visit

In the meantime, to learn more about external cybersecurity, download our Guide to External Cybersecurity.

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