ZeroFox Releases Super Bowl LVII Event Threat Assessment

External cybersecurity provider analyzes opportunities for threat actors and potential for cybersecurity incidents at upcoming sporting event

WASHINGTON (Feb. 7, 2023) ZeroFox (Nasdaq: ZFOX), a leading external cybersecurity provider, has released an intelligence report detailing the potential physical and cyber threats associated with Super Bowl LVII. The assessment outlines key risks to physical and online security at the sporting event, and offers threat intelligence-backed recommendations for staying safe whether at home or at the game. 

In the report, ZeroFox’s Intelligence team advises individuals to expect threat actors to leverage Super Bowl LVII as a lure due to its high international visibility, both in the lead-up and throughout the event. Some of the highest cybersecurity risks come from using third parties such as unverified apps or other services not authorized by the NFL and its supporting sponsors, as their IT infrastructure lies outside of the Super Bowl security team’s digital perimeter. The key threats ZeroFox Intelligence anticipates around Super Bowl LVII include:

  • Nationwide protests, including in Phoenix, which have the potential to occur during Super Bowl weekend.
  • Super Bowl accommodations, which are at a premium due to the event size and a coinciding PGA event in the area.
  • Ticketing scams, which are common at major sporting events such as the Super Bowl.
  • Betting is anticipated to be the highest ever on this event, providing a lucrative target for threat actors.
  • Financially-motivated threat actors will seek to leverage fake Super Bowl-related mobile apps and phishing sites.

“Popular events like the Super Bowl, that generate massive public interest, are attractive opportunities  for cybercriminals looking to make significant financial gains via scams and fraud,” said AJ Nash, VP & Distinguished Fellow of Intelligence at ZeroFox. “If you’re planning to attend the event, or have an online stake in it such as through a betting app, familiarize yourself with the potential threats in advance and stay vigilant for suspicious activity like Super Bowl-themed phishing campaigns, fraudulent contests or ticket scams on social media, or bogus travel packages related to the Super Bowl.”

ZeroFox is not an official sponsor of the NFL. Download the full Super Bowl LVII Threat Assessment and learn more about cyber threats around the big game here.

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