Protection to Secure Today. Intelligence to Predict Tomorrow.

ZeroFox provides AI-powered protection, machine and human intelligence and full-scale automated disruption to thwart today’s digital attacks and predict an attacker’s next move.

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One Unified Platform

Enabling Customers to Push the Boundaries of Intelligent Protection

  1. Digital Risk Protection

    Protect your brand, executives, domains, data and assets against digital attacks across social media, surface, deep and dark web

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  2. Threat Intelligence

    Access tailored, timely and results-driven intelligence based on your requirements targeting your business, people and sector.

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  3. Adversary Disruption

    Take down malicious content and dismantle attacker infrastructure to address immediate threats and prevent future attacks.

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  4. Brand Intelligence

    Arm your organization with intelligence and protection against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy.

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  5. Dark Ops

    Go on the offense with a global team of threat hunters and good guys providing exotic intelligence and access to the dark web criminal underground.

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  6. Domain Protection

    Protect owned websites through identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement and spoofing.

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Intelligence in Action

Not just another intelligence feed

The expert threat research team provides global coverage and curated cyber threat intelligence, finished advisories, high fidelity alerts and comprehensive in-depth attack and alert analysis.


Collected Data


Analyzed Threats


Disruptive Actions

OnWatch™ Managed Intelligence
An Extension
of Your Team

The global cybersecurity skills shortage has left security teams ill-equipped to tackle the scale and sophistication of external threats. Every ZeroFox customer is fully managed by our world-class team of threat experts, saving your security team time and resources. OnWatch Services™ includes complete alert triage, analysis and response. Takedown-as-a-Service™ provides remediation to effectively disrupt and dismantle attacker campaigns.

Top 4 Global Bank:
40 hours
saved/week on investigation and takedowns
7x more
takedowns/month compared to previous solution

Global Enterprises Trust ZeroFox

Fully Integrated App Library

We’re in the business of breaking down silos. Connect your enterprise with ZeroFox and enable integrated, actionable threat intelligence. The ZeroFox App Library includes access to 700+ technology integrations, data sources, SSO and disruption applications to elevate your security program and seamlessly integrate IOCs and intelligence feeds across the tools you rely on.

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